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Tires / AlignmentsWhen it comes to tires in the Somerset, WI, area, there is only one name you can trust: Miller Brothers Auto Repair. Your vehicle’s tires are the main point of contact between you and the road, so having a well-maintained set of four tires is extremely important for the safety of your ride. Whether you need new tires, tire repair, or alignment and balancing, the tire experts at Miller Brothers Auto Repair have got you covered.

New Tires in Somerset, WI

When it is time for a set of new tires, your car will often let you know. Newer vehicles have sensors that will alert you to a set of worn or damaged tires, but a simple visual check of the tire’s wear can usually tell the story. The penny test – place a penny between your tire treads and if you can see the top of Lincoln’s head, your treads are dangerously worn – can also help. A set of new tires is a major investment, so you’ll want to deal with a shop that you know you can trust. Miller Brothers Auto Repair will get your car the right new tires for the right price.

Tire Repair in Somerset, WI

The roads in Somerset, WI, are rife with hazards. Potholes, rocks, nails and other debris litter the roadways, and that doesn’t even account for weather-based hazards like snow, ice and rain. If the roads have gotten the best of your tires and you end up with a slow leak, the tire experts at Miller Brothers Auto Repair can get your tire fixed up (except for sidewall damage) and road-ready in no time.

Alignment & Balancing in Somerset, WI

If you are interested in wheel alignment and tire balancing, congrats – you are probably keeping up with the regularly scheduled maintenance on your vehicle. Regular balancing and alignment can help your tires wear more evenly, extending their lifespan, and even help your car drive better. If you’ve noticed your car pulling to one side or you are simply up for scheduled service, you can trust the experts at Miller Brothers Auto Repair.

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Whether you need new tires, tire repair, or wheel balancing and alignment, Miller Brothers Auto Repair is your trusted one-stop tire shop. Our ASE Certified Master Technicians are ready to help meet all your tire needs, and we offer a 2 year/24,000 mile warranty on all parts and labor performed. If your car’s tires are on your mind, make an appointment with Miller Brothers Auto Repair today.

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