What Diesel Engine Problems Are the Most Common?

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Miller Brothers Auto Repair works on both gasoline and diesel engines, and we come across common diesel engine problems every day. The good news is that we know how to fix these problems quickly, so you can get back on the road and on with your day. Here are some of the diesel engine repairs we handle with years of expertise. These diesel engine problems can happen in all makes and models.

Contaminated Fuel

Diesel fuel is denser than gasoline is, which is why it is also able to produce more energy per gallon. Some diesel engines can get gas mileage that rivals hybrids, but this energy efficiency comes with a cost in some cases. Diesel fuel is easily contaminated by glycol, soot, and moisture. Contaminated fuel can cause engine performance issues and damage.

Oil Oxidation

If your diesel automobile sits around a lot, your oil could oxidize and damage the engine. Oxidized oil means that air bubbles have contaminated the motor oil. This is a common occurrence in diesel vehicles that sit around without being driven for a significant period of time. The oxidized oil will not lubricate the engine properly. Rather, it will damage it.

Power Loss

Diesel engine power loss can usually be attributed to something wrong with the fuel or the fuel delivery. In the case of contaminated fuel, this will affect your diesel engine’s power. Other problems include clogged fuel injectors, a loose throttle linkage, or problems with the engine’s lubrication. Your engine will suffer and struggle to produce power.

Starting Difficulties

All diesel engines crank as they start up, but your engine should start up fairly quickly after a few cranks. If it’s getting more and more difficult to start your diesel engine, especially on cold mornings, it probably just needs to be serviced. Trouble starting diesel engines usually points to poor vehicle maintenance or a fuel delivery or glow plug problem.

Too Much Exhaust

It might seem strange to list too much exhaust as a common problem with the diesel engine considering that these engines have a reputation of producing exhaust. You shouldn’t see excess exhaust, however. If there is a ton of black exhaust coming out of the pipes, you may have too much fuel in the air and fuel mixture or a problem with the EGR valve or turbocharger.

Too Much Noise

Finally, you know that diesel engines are louder than most gasoline engines are, but the noise should not be excessive or unbearable. Loud noises, knocking, or anything that sounds out of the ordinary indicates that you’ve got something going on under the hood. This problem could be with the fuel injectors that is affecting the engine’s compression balance.

Miller Brothers Auto Repair in Somerset, WI, makes certain our customers come first. If your diesel engine is giving you problems, call or stop by our shop today.

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